Hey, Joe! It’s a grimdark collection indeed!

It's a grim dark Abercrombie collection... and it's mine to admire every single day

It’s a grim dark Abercrombie collection… and it’s mine to admire every single day

I still can remember when I read Joe Abercrombie’s first novel about eight years ago. The Blade Itself recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and hey, it’s still an outstanding piece of literature for sure. Actually it will always be one of my favourites, my friends.

Quite a few years have passed since I’ve followed Glokta and Logan Ninefingers through the darkness of Abercrombie’s world for the first time and although I’ve read many other fantastic novels by other fantastic authors, his works will always have a special place on my shelf and, oh my god, the collection still grows with every year. Hardly a month passed without me adding another book. Well, it’s not only because Joe Abercrombie is „the Man“, constructer of many sleepless nights, bloody dreams and endless reading days, it’s also because there are always new and interesting editions to have. I just can’t leave them alone. My recent purchase: a wonderful grey 10th Anniversary Edition of The Blade Itself, limited edition number 199 of 200 and signed by Lord Grimdark himself. God, I love it and I need to buy another shelf soon… You have to be realistic.

You’ve never heard of Joe Abercrombie aka Lord Grimdark? Then you either must have lived in a quite deep forest, in a cave, behind the moon or elsewhere out of this world or you just don’t read good fantasy. One way or the other, don’t miss out. Step into the dark and have a closer look at his Shattered-Sea-Trilogy, starting with Half a King but be aware that you might not be able to put it back down before the end. Excellent, gripping stuff. When you look at my collection you’ll find out that I own no less than seven copies of that book and only one of them is in German.

Joe Abercrombie: The Blade Itself 10th Anniversary Hardback Ed. Gollancz (2016)

Joe Abercrombie: The Blade Itself
10th Anniversary Hardback Ed.
Gollancz (2016)

Nearly all books in my Abercrombie collection are signed and it took me hours, days, weeks and a shitload of money to find him, hount him and get them all signed. I once met Joe at the Leipzig Book Fair, in Stuttgart 2015, at Loncon3 2014, at Goldsboro’s Fantasy in the Court 2014, even at Grim Gatherings in London back in 2012 and 2014 and hopefully I will in Helsinki next year. :)
On the battlefield there are no rules.

When will his next book hit the shelves?
Don’t know yet but I’m quite sure that it will find its way on my shelf right in time for another bloody night. I guess it might become number 36 and Joe definitely won’t complain about that. Bring them on, Lord Grimdark, bring them on!


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